Specialising in all Truck and one ton Ute Tray bodies -  General steel fabrication

Trucks & Utes


Truck and Ute Tray Bodies

Trucks & Utes
Ute Trays

fabricated and customised

One Tonne Ute Trays

Ute Trays

fully certified in transport modifications

Trailers, Truck chassis extensions,
Fitment of ring feeders,
Turntables fitment of cranes.

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Stenhouse Body Builders is fully certified in transport modifications which include
  1. Trailers
  2. Truck chassis extensions
  3. Fitment of ring feeders
  4. Turntables fitment of cranes


We specialise in the fabrication of
  1. Truck Bodies
  2. Flat tops
  3. Tipper bodies
  4. Service bodies.


Stenhouse Body Builders

Mark Stenhouse has been involved in the manufacturing of truck and ute bodies since 1985.  In 2000, he had a change of direction and began operating as Stenhouse Body Builders.  We have a strong and long standing customer base in Central and Western Queensland.


Steel ute tray bodies are also fabricated and customised should this be required.  Stenhouse Body Builders endeavour to satisfy all our customers requirements.

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